Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL)

If you are over the age of 65 and your doctor and the nursing staff have assessed your situation and have found that you need some kind of physical aid (such as wheelchair, walker, cane, etc.), these aids can be obtained at no charge through the Alberta Aids to Daily Living program.


Business Office

The business office is open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday to Friday, excluding Statutory Holidays. All your business is transacted here, including payments for accommodation, deposits to and withdrawals from the resident’s Trust Account, and other business matters relating to your life here in the facility. Payments for accommodation are requested one month in advance and are accepted preferably before the first day of every month. Mail will be delivered to resident rooms by a volunteer or by office staff.

Dental Care

Arrangements for you to see your dentist or denturist are primarily your responsibility, or your family’s. Assistance will be given if needed by the Westview Care Community staff.

Food Services

Food services are provided under the direction of a dietician. Special diets will be provided as ordered by your physician. You will be expected to maintain and cooperate with your diet if you are on a special diet.

Special Event meals (e.g. Christmas) will be provided.

All residents are encouraged to have their meals in the dining room. Bedridden residents will be served in their rooms when necessary. If you need assistance with your meals, you will receive this service.

Although it may not be possible at all times to cater to each individual preference, every consideration will be given to special likes and dislikes, as well as to requirements of religious beliefs. Any problems should be discussed with the dietician and/or cooks.

Hairdresser and Barber Services

Hairdresser and barber services are provided but charges for these services are your responsibility. If you prefer, you may make appointments with the hairdresser or barber of your choice, in which case transportation to and from the appointment, as well as charges for the appointment, are your responsibility.

Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping services are provided for all areas of the facility. Thorough cleaning of your room will be done quarterly. You and your family are requested to cooperate with the staff in maintaining a clean and sanitary environment.

The housekeeping department will water plants if resident are unable to do so.

Maintenance Services 

Equipment and facilities of the Nursing Home are kept in good condition by the maintenance staff.

Maintenance staff will hang pictures, clocks, plants, mirrors, etc.

If you or your family notices anything in the environment that is unsafe or does not function properly, please report this to the nurse in charge so that a safe and efficient environment can be maintained.

Please have the maintenance department inspect electrical equipment brought in, before using it.

Medical Care

A physician will be assigned to each resident on admission and will visit the Westview Care Community every other week and will see any of the residents who are in need of medical attention.

Nursing Care

The Westview Care Community is staffed 24 hours a day by Registered Nurses and/or Licensed Practical Nurses with an RN on call. All care for the residents is coordinated by the Nurse Manager

Assistance will be given when necessary in washing, bathing, dressing and other activities of daily living. Assistance will also be given in maintaining motivation to live a meaningful life. Every effort is made to promote independence as much as is possible. This will not only help to maintain your abilities, but contributes to a feeling of self-respect. Thus, even though it may take longer for you to do things for yourself, the role of the nursing staff and visitors is to assist and encourage wherever possible rather than “take over” for you.

Please direct personal concerns of resident and/or family to the Managing Director or Nurse Manager.

Prescription drugs, other medication, and dressing supplies will be provided by the Westview Care Community. All medications are obtained from a pharmacy and are administered by the nursing staff as prescribed by the physician.

Optical Care and Hearing Assistance

Eye examinations can be arranged when necessary by the Westview Care Community.

Hearing testing can also be arranged with the visiting Hearing Aid Company. Hearing aid servicing and repairs will be arranged when necessary.

Foot Care

The facility has an LPN doing foot care onsite. These charges are your responsibility and will be taken from the resident’s trust fund.

Religious Services

Personal Chaplain Services from any denomination are welcome so you may arrange visits from your own minister if you so desire. You may register your own minister’s name on the Chaplain list kept at the nurses’ station.

Worship services are held in the front lounge of the Westview Care Community regularly by the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite, and everyone is welcome to attend.

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation is the “restoration of an individual disabled by disease, injury or congenital abnormality to an optimal state of medical, social, psychological and vocational functioning.”

The goal of rehabilitation is to assist the disabled person to achieve and maintain the highest level of physical and mental well-being according to his/her needs and ability. This is accomplished through the combined efforts of an Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist. Both of these services are offered and designed to enhance the lives of the residents at the Westview Care Community.

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Consultation

Physical and Occupational Therapists visit the Nursing Home on a regular basis for assessment and consultation.

Recreational Activities

You will be encouraged and given every opportunity to maintain your existing hobbies and to become interested in new ones. The Westview Care Community employs a full-time Activity Coordinator and facilities are provided for you to take part in varied activities. Outings are arranged (handy-bus available) to various places and activities from time to time. Your family is encouraged to visit regularly and whenever possible take you with them to social functions in the community or home for a visit, etc. Birthdays are recognized.

The Recreation Department encourages families to participate in ongoing activities, outings, and special events. We ask that you leave “comfort” money at the Business Office for outings and for miscellaneous costs. This money is kept in a Resident Trust Account.