Resident Information

Long-term Care

Long-term Care is skilled nursing care including end of life care. The scope of practice covers dementia of all types and physical and medical conditions that are relative to aging elders.  Typically, long-term care residents are those whose needs cannot be met in assisted living options due to increased need of supervision with  unscheduled and unstable  care needs. 

Our care team is made up of RNs, LPNs, and certified Health Care Aides.  Our aim is to have RN presence onsite 24/7.  Doctors do rounds at our home every Wednesday morning. We have full time recreation staff and a Handi bus for frequent pleasure outings and appointments. Our physio/ occupational team is present five days a week to promote exercise, safe transfers, and comfortable seating for our elders. Of course, our team includes all the support staff that keep the place attractively clean; and tasty nutritious meals are served by interactive dietary staff.

Westview is a service provider to AHS. Therefore, we do not hold the wait list for our home. Anyone desiring to make Westview their choice of facility must apply through their local homecare department. When we have an empty bed it is filled through AHS. Typically, the wait period from application to move in can be 3 to 8 months. We welcome anyone that wishes to take a private tour of our home. Please contact our office to book this. 

Assisted Living

Assisted Living Options in our care home consists of levels one through three. We offer three home cooked meals a day. Snacks and drinks are available anytime in the main dining room. Our goal is to allow our elders to age in place. They can move in while still quite independent, needing only housekeeping and meals. As they need assistance with care and medications, our health care aides are on duty 24/7. The care is coordinated by an LPN that is on duty weekdays. We have doctors that come onsite every week for the convenience of our elders. The residents are welcome to come under our pharmacy if they so choose for all their medication needs.  When the needs are greater than what one health care aide can safely handle the resident will be expected to apply to move into the Long-Term Care side of our home.