Recreation is a priority in our home. One of the 3 grand essentials to life is something to do. Well, sometimes we hear our residents say that they just need to finally take a day off. Obviously they feel like life is plenty busy around here. We like to hear that!

We do have a handibus and a qualified driver who is also our activity coordinator. It is a common sight to see the bus parked under the carport loading up residents for the next outing. Sometimes they’re off for a look around the community, other times just for coffee or lunch, or farther afield to the Calgary Zoo, etc.

Our rural church community is very involved with us. Every week we have programs where the community seniors come in for coffee. Families, youth groups, and school children interact on a weekly basis with our residents.



Recreational Activities

You will be encouraged and given every opportunity to maintain your existing hobbies and to become interested in new ones. The Westview Care Community employs a full-time Activity Coordinator and facilities are provided for you to take part in varied activities. Outings are arranged (handy-bus available) to various places and activities from time to time. Your family is encouraged to visit regularly and whenever possible take you with them to social functions in the community or home for a visit, etc. Birthdays are recognized.

The Recreation Department encourages families to participate in ongoing activities, outings, and special events. We ask that you leave “comfort” money at the Business Office for outings and for miscellaneous costs. This money is kept in a Resident Trust Account.