Our Journey

Our Journey thus far…

Our guiding star, in all things, is to promote and nurture a Christian atmosphere of compassionate caring for the whole person. Following is a record of our journey thus far. 

An HCA applying for a position described person centered care in this way. “It is to give  the residents control over their own lives.” When we say “to give” it sounds like we have the control of their lives in our hands, and it is ours to give to them. To respect their control over their own lives is what our journey is about. Just like the rest of us, they  have a right to control their lives in as much as it does not endanger anyone else. 

In 2014 we made the decision to remove our nurses’ station as a statement that we are one people getting through the day together. We are “home” not employees and residents. We replaced the nurse station with a coffee porch which included an umbrella table and coffee bar where caregivers and elders sit together. Frequently the pets hang out there too. 

That same year we went through the sweat and tears of adopting a golden retriever, Taffy, into our home. Not a small feat, but so amazingly worth the effort. She is such a comfort and companion, not only to the residents but to their families and the employees. We wanted a dog that would be here always and not leave at the end of the shift like the rest of us. Several years later we added a cat to our pets. Recently we adopted two very social little kittens that bring a lot of joy to our folks. 

On the care side we moved to consistent staffing for our HCAs. This was to encourage a more personal  relationship between our care staff and the elders. We removed the bath team and added more care staff on the floor so that the baths would not be so scheduled but rather given when the resident wishes to bathe, including the choice of an evening bath. 

Adding extra staff and giving the choice of having a bath when they wanted it allowed us to add more flexibility to the breakfast schedule. We have a come and go breakfast buffet from 7:30 to 10:00 every day. It’s the simple pleasure of choice when our staff ask a resident , “What would you like from the buffet this morning?”  – CHOICE!  Speaking of food… our residents get to choose the dinner menu every Friday. Our food is always prepared fresh and  on sight. 

Our nurse team has worked hard on AUA – appropriate use of anti-psychotics. One area that has been successful to settle some of our restless elders is doll therapy. Dolls can bring so much comfort and calmness to a confused senior. It somehow gives the feeling of purpose and  belonging and often alleviates the restless wanderings. 

We celebrate milestones like HCA graduations and retirement parties together. Giving the seniors parts, like speeches etc, enriches the experience and adds so much more enjoyment to the occasion. 

The bottom line is that we strive to provide a  home where choice is always a choice.  A home that is alive with the sights, smells and sounds of a living environment…. Made alive with the  smell of fresh bread baking, song, laughter, chatter, children, pets, birds, flowers and plants in abundance, water gurgling, and yes the sound of the bus loading up some residents to get them out in the community for a picnic, shopping, sightseeing…. 

We often hear, “What is it about you home that is different?” The answer is that where Jesus is there is a living  environment of peace and joy. 

Please stop by and be a part of our living home! 

I have had the distinct privilege of working as a Registered Nurse at this facility and I can unreservedly recommend them for your elderly loved ones or relatives who require assisted living, palliative or long-term care. Residents are respected and treated with utmost care, kindness and compassion. Preserving the residents’ dignity and honouring their personhood are prioritized. The residents are well cared for and their needs are met on every level (physically, mentally, socially, emotionally...). The facility is exceptionally clean all the time and the ambiance...oh the ambiance. There is a calm, peaceful tranquility that fills the entire atmosphere. This is met by the beautiful sound of acapella singing on Thursday evenings as well as the laughter and cheer that accompany the interactions between staff and the residents, the residents’ family members and among the members of the cohesive team of staff. I loved and looked forward to the singing sessions. Though I ‘worked’ there, it never felt like work at all. I count it as a blessing to have served in this facility. Residents are treated with the same level of kindness, respect and dignity regardless of the residents’ mental capacity, goal of care, ability to pay, personality, behavioural disorder or physical ability. This is the true definition of a dream facility. I don’t work at this facility anymore and wasn’t paid or coerced into writing this review. This place is truly a gem.