The Westview Care Community had its beginning in 1945. It was then known as the Linden Nursing Home. This was a two story house that was moved from the Swalwell area to our present site. this served as a home to the elderly as well as a maternity ward. In 1964 a new structure was built, which we are still occupying. This building consists of 10 semiprivate rooms and 17 private, making a bed count of 37. The maternity aspect was discontinued at that time. Continued renovations and additions have kept this facility attractive and comfortable for our long-term care residents.

In 2007 we opened a new wing which was termed independent living. Soon it became apparent that we needed to provide some light care to those folks. This became a supportive living unit. In January of 2014 we added 12 more suites to make this an 18 suite supportive living facility.

Westview Care Community is representative of the mission outreach of the three congregations of the Church of God in Christ Mennonite, at Linden, Alberta. A Board of Directors consisting of seven members who are elected by the above named church is responsible for the proper operation of the facility.



Realizing the need for care for the disabled and aged in our area, we wish to render this service in an unselfish and humble manner, consistent with the teachings of Christ.

We believe that every individual, no matter how incapacitated, no matter what race or religious persuasion, has the right to respect, dignity, a secure environment, medical treatment, and as much assistance as he/she needs to live as meaningful a life as possible.