The RAI assessment tool for placement will be conducted by a home care nurse. Contact the Home Care office in your area. This tool will then go to Central Placement and the name is placed on a waiting list.

Your choice of accommodation will depend on the availability of rooms. Private and semi-private (double) rooms are available. Residents may be moved from a double room to a private room on the request of the resident and/or family, as private rooms become available. Private rooms are assigned to residents on this request list (on a first come first serve basis) or to other residents (when there is a greater need elsewhere within the facility or to accommodate new resident incompatibilities) at the discretion of the Nurse Manager.

Residents may be moved from a private to a double room at the discretion of the Nurse Manager for the above stated reasons as well.

The purpose of this policy is to keep our beds full and thereby allow the residents and the community to receive the best use of our facility.

When a room is available applicants on the waiting list are notified for admission. Upon admission, and again six months after admission, a conference will be held with the resident and family to ensure that we can adequately meet each resident’s specific needs. Family members are strongly encouraged to be present at these conferences.

You are eligible for benefits under the Nursing Home Act if you have been a resident of Alberta for one year before you apply, if you have been a resident of Canada for 10 years or more, OR you have been a resident of Alberta for three consecutive years at any time in your life before you apply.