Keeping in Touch Newsletter – June/July 2022

From my desk to the families, friends, and communities of our dear elders

Ramblings…One of the hardest things in life is to say goodbye…. And goodbyes aren’t always expected. I did not think when I sent the last letter that the next would be my farewell. With a lot of mixed emotions, I am writing this farewell note. I always knew that I would grow “old” in this job that I loved. However, there has been tugs throughout this past year that have caused me to open my mind to other shores. So, with confidence in the “unseen hand”, I untie the last coil that is holding my boat, and with a lump in my throat, I put up my sail and follow the light. The open sea is before me, but oh! my years spent in eldercare are not an easy shore to let go of. My heart will always be soft to this work…

There are several others that are sailing off this summer. I hired Juanita as dietary manager about a month after I started here 14 years ago. Now she is retiring one month after I am quitting. Getting Juanita into here was one of the best moves of my years here. I wonder how many delicious meals went out of that kitchen in her time here. We are excited about Carmen Loewen stepping into this role.

Virginia Bartel is also retiring from her HCA position the beginning of August. She will be here 31 years by that time. She has given most of her working years to our home. God bless her service of love to our elders!

Peeking in the window …

You will see an interesting party going on. Taffy is being celebrated. She is adorned with a big fancy arrangement of bows and flowers on her shoulders. She is in her glory with all the attention, flouncing around from table to table and person to person. It is her farewell party, and the kitchen went all out for her. They did a perfect job of the food. They served “pawnch”, decorated “pup-cakes” and also served “puppy chow”. For a candle in Taffy’s cupcake, they had a breakfast sausage. Taffy didn’t stop at the breakfast sausage though, she wolfed down the whole pup-cake with relish. This was her day! She is almost 10 and has been with us for 8 years. Taffy will enjoy a pampered retirement at Nanette’s house. Nanette, one of our dedicated HCAs, has been one of her primary caregivers. She and Ted came about everyday, even on her days off, to take Taffy for a walk, give her a shower etc. She is very missed already by both residents and employees. It will be up to administration how/when they go about getting a replacement dog.


Shawn Klassen is the new administrator of Westview Care Community. With both his medical and managerial experience working in EMS, for AHS, he is well positioned for this role. Stop by and get connected if you have a chance. Just look for a tall, dark, and handsome young man.

One of Shawn’s immediate challenges will be to assist our nurse manager, Lisa, to bring our home to Canadian Accreditation Standards over the next few years. Another very real challenge is to keep this place sufficiently staffed. We wish him well.

Thank you… To all those that have had a part in my years in this work…. Board members over the years, supportive families, a great management team and the many dedicated employees of WCC. You all have influenced my life and have taught me much about the mission of eldercare. Thank you for being patient with me as we have wended our way through some very difficult situations and sought for answers for the many questions that daily challenged us. Some of you mentioned that you prayed for me in my position. Thank you for that. It was much needed and still is. The biggest thanks goes to our precious elders who have much to teach us, if only we will listen. God bless their hoary heads!

May our elders always be honored by the beautiful sanctuary of love and care that is provided for them – by us, the generation that they have sacrificed much for. This sanctuary can’t just happen. It is built with careful thought, with conviction, and with purpose. One last time – Let’s Keep In Touch …

Thank you

Long Term Care:

Annette Thiessen
Laurence Boody
Helen Unruh  

Ann Wiebe
Ruth Ratzlaff
Chuck Tomlinson
Assisted Living Suites:
Tom Peachy
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Gideon Berniko

Managing Director