Keeping in Touch” Newsletter –  Spring 2022

 From my desk to the families, friends, and communities of our dear elders,  


“Our blessing in life is to have each other.” Beautiful thought. It’s more than a thought. It’s a reality.   Thinking of our employees, I have been so thankful for “each other” this past month. That is what helped us to survive the COVID wave that washed through our home.  We are all rich when we realize that our wealth is “each other”. Let’s make a circle of “each other” with our  elders securely in the middle. You, as families, and we, as care givers, are there for “each other”. Your interest in your loved one’s care; being available to give support and thoughtful suggestions; your encouragements from time to time; your patient understanding that we are trying our best even if it hasn’t always been perfectly like you would have it; these all say that we are in this together and “have each other”.  

Peeking in the window …

It’s Family Day. Families are coming and going this afternoon. I can hear Katrina singing “This little light of mine” with the actions with a circle of residents around a table. Some Care Aides are chattering and laughing with some residents around another table. They are folding some towels together. It feels homey.  A domestic homeyness.  Typically, we would have a Family Day party and invite the families in for the afternoon. We will have many parties to catch up on once this is all over… The rec team has been going door to door with favorites like cheezies, chocolate bars etc. and magazines. Our seniors took great pleasure in this little offering. This was complimentary on the house. As many of you are aware we have just come through a wave of COVID in our home. 22 of our residents and 21 of our staff were infected. All our residents were confined to their rooms for  several weeks.  Our biggest challenge was staffing. We have enough staff but too many were off sick at one time. I was often humbled by the way the employees bent their backs to the tasks at hand, often doing more work with less workers. Some employees were working 6 days a week to keep our elders cared for and loved. I often met with the housekeepers in the morning to discuss all the extra cleaning. When each resident came out of isolation, after being ill, the housekeepers needed to do a deep clean to their room. I knew my housekeepers were getting tired, but they were quick to offer to put in overtime. “You are my manager, where you want me to work, the kitchen or housekeeping? Please, you decide.” We had heroes in each department that went beyond their job descriptions to lend a much-needed hand.


The outbreak is now lifted, and we hope to resume our activities soon. This includes the youth singing, evening devotions, Sunday morning chapel, and group activities of all kinds. We are so much looking forward to all that stuff! It’s also time to get the handi-bus out on the road with a load of seniors out for the day. I miss seeing them all bundled up expectantly waiting by the front door. When I ask where they are headed they don’t know because the activity staff often wait until the bus is loaded and then together with the residents they decide where they want to go 

Another exciting update is that we have a new website. Just put in and you will find us. We need to update a couple of the pages yet but take a peek.   Enjoy the “TOUR” option on home page. 

Thank you…

To each person that has encouraged us on our journey of caring. A special thanks to Lana and her group of stand-bys that helped in the kitchen when there simply was no cook  available due to illness. 

Kneehill Dementia Friendly Communities Group is looking for community people who are interested in being part of this new Group. If you have time and would be willing to meet Bi-Monthly to navigate how to support community members with Dementia and the care givers, this is the group for you. 

Our vision:

Kneehill Dementia Friendly Communities will be where those living with dementia and those who care for them, feel supported and confident they can participate in their community in a meaningful way.

If you are interested or would like more information please call Carolyn with Three Hills Victim Services at 403-443-0277 or Shelley with Kneehill Regional FCSS at 403-443-3800

A big part of “each other” is our grandchildren. With the past restrictions the visitors have largely been adults. Please, bring in the children. Let’s Keep In Touch … 

Thank you 


Long Term Care:
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Assisted Living Suites:
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Gideon Berniko

Managing Director